Sunday, November 1, 2015

Neatly Dodged Opportunity

My mom left today, with two rams in the back of her rented cargo van.  It was so great that she was able to come and stay all week.  I didn't have many exciting things planned and the weather was gray or rainy the whole time, and the kids were in school, so we sat around and talked a lot.   At one point I was looking for the sex education book I'd bought for the older kid, and couldn't find it.  But I did find another one, which I showed her and said it was my adult sex education book.  It is called "Come As You Are".  I've mentioned it here before.

  And it is educational, just facts, not erotica at all.   The first thing she asked me was "Does it explain why people are into all those deviant sex practices?  Because I never understood that.  Why would they do that?"   I do believe she was fishing to be told some things about me, about us, because that is what she does rather than ask straight out.  But I'm seriously not sure she's ready for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  So what I said instead was something like, "This book doesn't really talk about that at all, but the whole first chapter is called 'You are normal' and the whole theme is that whatever you are doing is ok, as long as it is consensual and harming no one, it is all part of different ways of being normal."   

She was happy with that answer.  Maybe I should get her the book "When Someone You Love Is Kinky" for Christmas?


  1. Is there really such a book as "when someone you love is kinky"? I do like how the first chapter of the book discusses it's okay and different ways to be normal.

    1. Yes, there really is. I haven't read it, but I have heard it recommended by people.


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