Friday, November 6, 2015

Glum and Frustrated

After Tuesday, this hasn't been the best week.   I got a flu shot, then had a bad reaction that felt like I did have the flu for a day, then I haven't felt all that great since, with constant headaches and general yuckiness. 

Also, we had plans to go away this weekend to a thing that Master wanted to do, and I made plans to see friends in town there, and then Master decided not to go after all.  This morning.  So I had to tell them we weren't coming at the last minute, which I hate.  I just like to know what's going on ahead of time when I'm the one responsible for making and cancelling plans, you know? 

 On the good side, we will be able to go to our local munch tomorrow, which I was hating to miss.  


  1. just (((Hugs))) i hate days like those!

  2. It's just been a week for everyone. Hope your munch is fun and you can enjoy yourself this weekend.


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