Sunday, November 15, 2015

Teasing and Attitude

Master's plans for seeing (aka beating and sex with) someone else yesterday afternoon fell through, and he was a bit disappointed, but these things happen, not a big deal to him.  There will be other days for that. 

I was at the sink when he came up behind me and said in my ear, teasing me deliberately, "I guess I won't be having sex this afternoon."

Without stopping to think (always a mistake) I teased him back, "Because you can't have sex with me.  No sex for you!", which is evidently "giving him attitude".  Instead of sex, I got dragged off to a private corner of the house, thrown me up against a wall and punched repeatedly.  It sounds worse than it was.  It just made me horny, to be honest.

The caning/spoon whacking and fucking wasn't until 10 hours later, by which time I had bypassed extreme sexual desire and gone on to extreme sleepiness.   The misery stick woke me right up, though.   My cunt is still aching from the attention it received. 

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