Saturday, November 21, 2015

Steamed Buns, Caned Buns

We discovered a new restaurant in town (ok, it is only new to us, it has been there for a year) that has a Friday special on steamed buns.  This is a Korean food which you can see being made here and we love them.

On Master's orders (I'm not allowed to get take out otherwise) I went and picked up two buns for each of us yesterday, and along with some rice and broccoli I made, that was dinner.  I saved one of my buns for lunch today.

I didn't have to ask what Master wanted after the kids were asleep.  His looks had been telling me all evening.   Every night this week he fondled and teased me, that is a constant every day thing.  Wednesday he'd used me quickly before we fell asleep.  Thursday I asked if he wanted to use my cunt and he'd said no.  

Friday, though.

Friday he was eye raping me with almost malevolent, lustful looks. Pinching a nipple or fondling my ass as I walked by.  He said I was going to get a beating.  Possibly a fucking too, or maybe some come down my throat.  

I eagerly sucked his cock as if I'd been waiting for the chance my whole life.  Kneeling at his feet as he watched porn, I felt quite content in my place and in being of service to him, being his servant. ("Gag on it, bitch") He nearly came, but he pushed me away.  

He took me upstairs, roughly jerking my robe to the floor of the bedroom.  He drew back his hand fully and smacked my tit hard, and again, and the other side, hard. A few more times. I gasped and shook.  He felt between my legs with one hand as the other one pulled my hair back.  He kissed me deep and hard, then bit my ear, right on the sore spot where I'd had it accidentally pierced.  I yelped and tried to use my hands ineffectually as shields: fluttery, wiggly, flapping shields that didn't really mean it but couldn't help themselves. He drew back his hand and slapped me hard again. 

 I was dripping wet.  I'm getting excited all over again just thinking about the above treatment now.

He told me to get in bed and lie on my stomach.  

He had the cane, which he used on my back, thighs and especially my butt.  He ordered me to come.   Mid orgasm, he was on top of me, thrusting into me from behind.  He pinned my wrists above my head.  Somehow he was caning me still then, my ass squirming under his cane giving him pleasure as he fucked my cunt. Setting down the cane, he began punching me.  Punching hard on my ass and other places as he fucked me.  He pulled my arms behind me and pinned them against my back. The pleasure was intense in that straining position.   He flipped me over. I smiled up at him in a haze of sex and need, arching toward him.  He slid inside. After he came inside me he picked up the cane again and did my tits and cunt with it, and for good measure told me to come again.  

Such a good way to spend a Friday night, I think! 

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