Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Non Crying Parts of Tuesday

Almost half the day was gone and Master was still getting work done on the computer.  I mentioned that my appointment was coming up soon (ok, soon is relative- it was still 4 hours away) and didn't he want to do some things today?

He said "What things?" and I knew he was just teasing me, but I still didn't want to say out loud what things.  I don't remember what I did say.  I might have mumbled something as I wandered off. (Nothing I care to repeat).

An hour later, he told me to get naked, go get my leather collar and a leash and DO NOT use the bathroom.  I bobbed my head with a grateful, "Yes, Master". 

He had me remove all his clothes as well, then he put the leash on my collar and tied my hands together.  

He took me outside and told me to squat and pee.  Then he went on top of my spot while I held his cock.  It's a "marking on top" thing. 

Do you know how cold it is here now?  Plenty. It is plenty cold.  

Back in the house, he told me to go get my butt plug in, then he let me play with and suck his cock.  Now and then he would have me bend over and fuck me standing up, then back to the sucking.

This time when he took me upstairs he had me raise my arms while he got out the lighter and brought it right up to my fuzzy armpit hairs.  I stayed still, just barely, but I was whimpering and fearful as he burned some of it off.   He didn't get my skin, but I could smell the burned hair.  

He fucked me in bed, and had me sit on his face (not my favorite thing), then he let me use the vibrator while he took me again.  I had some huge and intense orgasms, for which I had to beg him.

He came inside me. That was when the crying began (see last post). 

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