Monday, November 16, 2015

Doing Three Holes on a Sunday

And it's not golf. :)

Once we were alone, Master had me put in the butt plug, then ordered me to grab a blanket and lie on the bed.  I looked down at my chest and saw the faded remnants of the words he'd written on me the night before:

"whore slut cunt"

 He attached clamps to my nipples and let me suck him as he knelt next to my head.  He shifted over between my legs and began stroking my clit with the head of his cock.  

  My nipples were in screaming pain, and my ass was gently contracting around the butt plug, but the stroking was beginning to overwhelm even those sensations, taking me from sharp pain to somewhere more bearable- still pain, but mixed with pleasure.

 He gave me the order "Wrists" and I presented my wrists to him for tying.  He fastened them via leather straps to the rails on the headboard.

 He thrust into me and my tits bounced with their clamps shifting brought that sharp pain back to the front. I strained against the straps and tried to remember to keep breathing. He was deep inside me and fucking steadily.  He picked up the chain between the clamps and pulled it.  I thrust my hips up against him, becoming half animal-minded with the hurt and the pleasure taking over all thoughts.   He removed the clamps and in that instant of even sharper pain as the blood returned he told me to orgasm. 

He gripped one of my cunt lips between his fingers and placed the clover clamp on it.  The second one went back on my nipple which was still pulsing with pain.  I sucked in some air and concentrated on the fucking I was receiving.  He shifted the nipple end down to my cunt lip on the other side, holding up the chain like some pussy reins, and rode me.  This was painful but bearable.  I guess it is all bearable, because I do bear it to please my Master, but the clamps on my cunt lips are somewhat more bearable than on my nipples.  

He moved the clamps back to my tits again and kept on.

Then he rolled me over, straps still in place on my wrists, and fucked me from behind. I grunted like an animal.

Master smoothly eased the butt plug out and in the same motion plunged his cock into my ass.  It was an easy and open highway for him this time.  He thrust in hard as I pushed back upwards against him.  "Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck my ass hard, Master" I moaned to him, and he went harder and harder into my hole until he was done with me. 

After a short rest we made our way down to the shower, where we found only tepid water.  He washed up quickly as I waited, then when he was done I started to wash myself. By then the water was absolutely freezing.  I had the world's shortest bath, barely getting the important zones clean at all.   It turned out the pilot light on the water heater had gone out, but after he re-lit it, it seems to be working today.   Brr, but that was unpleasant.

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