Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How Much?

This blog: 
prompted me to take a few minutes to add up the total costs of paying a professional for the particular jobs I do here. 
I used average US salaries.

Chef 15.62/ hr for 3 hours
Childcare 9.48/hr for 3 hours
Housekeeping 10.31/hr for 2 hours
Prostitute  250/hr for 1 hour (this one was hard to pick an amount     because of a huge variety of pay, but I went for a middle    rate-neither crack whore nor NY City escort, high end)

Secretary or personal shopper 16.34/hr for 1 hour
Massage 16/hr for .5 hours
Gardener (summer only) 13.35 for 1 hour 

for a total of 383.61 PER DAY

or, since I never take a day off,

140,017.65 per year



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