Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cast of Characters for My Blog

I saw this idea on Cammie's blog and thought readers might appreciate a recap of people that have appeared here:

Master:  Appearing here as Master, or signing himself "DM" in the comments.  He's my Master, my Owner, my husband, and father of my children.  We have been together since 1987 (I was 16 when we started dating.)  Wicked and naughty sense of humor.  Sadistic and caring, loving and protective.

Me:  Appearing here as "me" or "I".  A slave to Master.  Forty-something year old "ordinary" mom, crazy dog lady, and deeply kinky masochist slut.  In Master's posts I'm also called "ksst" which is my Fetname (usually).

Bigger kid:  We have a 15 year old son who appears occasionally. He's pretty much Master's mini-me.  He reads, he plays computer games, he hides in his room and skypes with his friends and tries to avoid doing homework.

Smaller kid: We also have an 11 year old son, a somewhat more mercurial, but very giving, loving and affectionate child.  Poster child for ADHD.

Mystique:  The leader of our local munch group, dominant sadomasochist (mostly on the "sado" part), and a dear friend for the past 4 years. Sometime ago was involved with both Master and I in a sexual and play relationship.  She lives not far from us at all, about 20 minutes and she has three wacky dogs that fit in with our pack, at least the parts of our pack that get along with other dogs.  Now the sexual part of the relationship is gone for various reasons, but she still likes to occasionally whip me or light me on fire at parties.  I love her the same as always.

The fireplay is her favorite thing, see: 

 Flaming Cooter of Fun (Death)!  

Also, Googly Eyes.

She has a submissive:

Hasufel, also known as Nuri.  He plays only with Mystique, as her sub, and he comes visit us and hang out occasionally.  Also, he is a very dear friend.  He is super handy with all sorts of building/repair type jobs.   And he's a real fire fighter, which comes in handy for Mystique's kink (kidding! Ok, maybe not really kidding). 
 One of his favorite kinks is pony play, so I may eventually be hooked up to a cart with him.  

Saumya:   For a while she was an occasional play partner, then she and Master began developing more of a part time CNC based relationship.  It was not entirely CNC the way I think of it, since it only covered certain times and areas.  One of our playtimes:  Thing one and thing two.  This is over between them now.

S. and M., aka Sophie and brat_tastic:  A young local couple in our community (twenty years younger than us- and, yes, that age difference is sometimes weird for me) with whom we used to play or Swap occasionally. 
S. is a transwoman, a very outspoken and committed activist, and M. (aka brat_tastic) is her sub.

Travis:  Real name, Travis, appearing here as (guess what!) Travis, an old guy from Texas, now living in Wisconsin, with many interests, and many years in the kinky scene. Known for the catch phrase "Trust me"("I'm a lawyer"), his bullwhips, his love of cooking and eating, and his great sense of humor.   He is a dear friend, and once in a while he whips me (hard!) too.   
Our first scene is here:  Whipping.  His slave and wife is Wolfmoon, a wonderful woman.  They have a Master/slave CNC type relationship. 

Sir David: also known as WiDomher or currently, BAD.  A friend from the UP who occasionally plays with me if we meet up at a party, with Master's permission of course. Our first scene is described here.   And continues here.
 He plays with me hard, and I love that: whips, knives, "road rash" paddle.

Dr.Peter:  Canes, canes and more canes!  He loves them.  He lives near us and sometimes Master gives me to him for some, guess what?  Caning!  He's truly an expert and has been teaching this skill for years. He is a switch and likes to receive as well as give.

I think I have covered most of the regulars, but I may come back and add to this later if needed.  

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