Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tuesday's Hot

He told me to go put on my leather collar and bring him a leash.  When I got back he hooked the leash to my collar and tied my wrists together in front of me using my sash.  He pulled me to the ground using both tethers and pulled my face to his cock.  After I'd been sucking a while I started needing the bathroom.  I asked if I could go.  He said no.

After more minutes, he pulled me up and bent me over the kitchen counter, pulling my hips back and plunging into me. 

Then he led me outside and let me pee there, squatting on the ground. An animal.  Such a relief!  I really, really had to go by then.

When he led me upstairs I think I was already starting to space a little. I felt a bit floaty, but his crop on my tits and thighs was sharp and stinging.  I danced around a bit too much, so he tied my hands to the rafters over head.  He kept going with the crop across my tits and I was dancing as far as the tie would let me. 

 He picked up the kindjal.

With the point of the sword held at my throat I was too afraid to dance any more, so I stood motionless for the rest of the cropping. 

After he'd scratched me down both front and back with the tip he set down the sword and brought out the lighter.

Click, click.  Smile, you can't run. :)

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