Monday, August 6, 2012


Because some things need music: 

Mathematical Pi song

Today we went to work and there was pie.  Someone had brought me a belated birthday pie.  It was apple, which I love. 

The thing is, about two weeks ago I happened to mention that I wanted to lose 10 lbs.  The next morning Master said first thing, bright and shiny in the morning "We're going on a diet".  Since then I have given up sweets, chocolate, bread and most carbs.   He also decided that anything that came out of our garden was ok for the diet, so we're eating a lot of vegetables, and meat and cheese.  Last night we walked a little more than two miles and he made me jog.  Jog!  I tell you!  This is not what I signed up for.   I have lost about 4 lbs.though, which is exciting.

So the pie was sitting there taunting me all day.  At lunch I asked Master if I could have pie.  No, guess not.  But then just to be a big meanie he starts whispering "Pie, pie, pie" to me and one of the people at work asked him if I wasn't going to eat any.  No, we're on a sugar free diet, he says.   And continues to whisper "Pie, pie, pie" at me whenever I'm close enough to hear him.   Evil, evil man. 


  1. Oh dear gods they all get the same handbook don't they :(

  2. I keep telling mine he has the wrong handbook...Perhaps there was an erroneous mass printing that was accidentally distributed across the world?

  3. It was a misprint. It was supposed to read "slave should get all the pie she wants. If she chooses to diet, Master should refrain from taunting her with fattening foods."

    Instead it read "slave should be taunted at every opportunity because it is so funny to see her face all squinty-eyed-mad". Definitely a misprint there.


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