Sunday, August 26, 2012

What happened next

In response to the comment "What happened next?" from Advizor54,   I will attempt to write what happened later that night.   I'm glad I got everything in short hand down in my journal soon after the event, as there was a lot that went on that night (we stayed up until 2 am, much later than any other night of camp), and I tend to mix up and forget things after a while, especially things that happened while I was in an altered state (subspace- later on- I'll get to that eventually).  

After the formal event, we headed back to our tent so I could put on more clothes.  It was lovely weather during the day, but the night was too chilly for the outfit I was wearing (basically nothing, with boots).    Then we made a little trek around camp visiting with friends along the way.   At the far end, a friend suggested I try out the Sybian that had been causing shrieks and moans in the camp site next door all weekend.

  I was nervous.  It was very dark, and there was a crowd of complete strangers over there.   To me, just walking up and saying "Hey, you don't know me, but can I ride on your sex machine?" is the worst kind of social faux pas and scary as hell.   

If it had been just me, I would have quietly faded into the darkness and found other people I already knew to hang out with.  But my Master insisted that I was going to do this, despite my fears.   He's not shy, see. 

The people were perfectly delightful, and seemed thrilled that I wanted a ride on their machine.  We just waited for some others to finish up what they were doing- I'm really not sure what it was, but it involved a big machine and sounded very pleasurable.  

Soon it was all set (after Master selected a mid size attachment), and I stripped and hopped on.   Master held the controller and started out on low.   It was good.  Really good.  I moaned, I bucked, I begged him to make it go faster.  Moans turned pre-orgasmic.   I knew I should wait to cum on command, but the command wasn't happening and it didn't take long before I couldn't hold off any longer and began a long series of intense orgasms.  I couldn't tell where they started or stopped, or what I was saying or screaming or moaning.   It was quite the ride.  Master would slow the speed, but every time he did I just begged to have it turned back up to full speed.    I vaguely heard people talking in the background, enjoying watching me, but it was all just background and not relevant to my pure ecstasy.  

So, I feel like I made a new girlfriend that night.
Lady Sybian, I hope to spend time with you another day.  :)  

There's no ride like that at Disneyland, baby.

Then the drumming started...

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