Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's raining today, and it's glorious.

 Maybe not so exciting for many people, who are just happy the flowers and yard are getting watered.  But our pasture is so dry there is nothing there.  I have to take the sheep out to the woods and sit with them, using a trained sheepdog to keep them from wandering, just to make sure they are getting enough to eat.   This can be a good time for relaxing and meditating, but really, how much relaxing and meditating does a person need?   I don't dare take Master's laptop to the woods in case it would get leaves or something in it, or get stepped on by a sheep, and we don't have any smart phones or whatever.   Reading a book is difficult, because I don't dare get too involved in the plot lest the sheep get too far away, and out in the road or lost in the woods. 

Then I feel like Little Boy Blue

Little Girl Blue come send your dog
The sheep are in the road and the cows are in the bog.
Where is the girl who looks after the sheep?
She's got her nose in a book, way too deep.

Ben watching the sheep eat


  1. Oh I'm with you there--rain is exciting. And glorious.
    It's damn hard keeping anything alive without it.

  2. It's true, you can't water everything without one of those giant irrigation systems. The sheep are happily finding some grass growing today.

  3. Michael from Germany, if it's raining I dream of sitting in a chair in front of a window looking through it in the rain. It's warm and a fire is burning in the fireplace in the dim lit room. All I know then is feeling good ....

    1. Reminds me of the song lyric "It's a pleasure to be soaking in the European rain..."


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