Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy slave

Last night he sent me up to wait in the bedroom after I finished feeding and putting dogs to bed (luckily they don't require stories at bedtime).

As is the usual nightly ritual I got undressed, put on my leather collar and wrist cuffs and knelt to wait for him, this time hold the two new floggers on my knees.  I knew he was excited to try them out.  

I'm never sure of the passage of time, but it had to be more than five minutes and less than 15 minutes judging by the amount of stiffness in my knees.   I tend to go into an almost meditative and relaxed but anticipatory state as I wait.

He entered the room and I could feel more than see his smile on me.   It was like a caress. 

He took the floggers and pushed me forward onto my hands and knees with his foot.  He started rubbing them over my face and around my body with a twisting motion - think one of those car washes from the pre-touchless days.

I love the smell and feel of leather and was lost in pure sensation. 

Then he started lightly using them on me, gradually working up to harder and harder.

"Spread your legs".

I did, and every other blow was now directly between them on my cunt. 

"Stand up".

I stood, and there was more draping of the leather over my face, and flogging, and rubbing.  He pulled me by the hair over to the dresser so I could brace my arms against it.   This dresser and I spend a lot of intimate time this way together.   I have always loved this dresser.  It is the perfect height.  

He went fast and hard then, using both floggers in Florentine.   I was sweeping away and floating on pleasure and happiness.   There is some sting to them, and some thud since they are heavy cowhide, but mostly it is just good.

He jammed the handle of the flogger against my ass.  "Come" he commanded, and I did.  How I did!

More flogging, more orgasms. 

Then he put them aside and picked up the turning pole from the old miniblinds that I had saved.  He started working over my ass, thighs, arms, back, and hard.  It hurt, but I was floating away on the pain and it made me sigh more than want to scream.    More orgasms, shaking me.

"Get into bed now". 

I went where he told me, and sucked his cock, worshiped it really, thrilled for the privilege.   Then he gave me the Hitachi magic wand.  As soon as I touched myself with it I wanted to come but I put it off, waiting for his command.  "Wait", he said, "Wait".    "Master", I replied, partly in submissive acknowledgement and partly pleading.

After I don't know how long, riding waves of almost there, almost there, he told me to come, and then again, and again, maybe six or seven times one after the other.

"Now turn it off", he told me.   

We went to sleep then, after I told him he was the best Master ever.   I am one very lucky and happy slave.

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