Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Some, who are not slaves, seem to think that being a slave is all about getting thrown on the floor, beaten and having kinky sex.  While that is part of it for some of us,  it is also about getting things done which may not be fun or sexy.    I have to admit I do get a certain amount of thrill out of completing my Master's set tasks even when they are not at all interesting, just because he told me to to them. 

Each day I'm at home alone, I have a list of chores to get done.   Thanks to a friend, I now have a computer reminder system that is cute, fun and easy to use, and based in Firefox, so it pops up at me regularly.   I have a terrible memory, so this is working great, as long as I remember to enter the chores into the system.   If I miss a chore, there will be punishment, so I try hard to get them all done. 

Here is my list for today from my Master:

Wash sheets, make beds again
Scoop dog poop from the yard
Take my Nitty Gritty Dirt Band CD back to the library
Return a borrowed book to the YMCA
Clean out the garbage cans

He gave me one optional task and made sure to let me know that if I didn't want to do it he would do it later and it would not be a required task.  
This was to fill out health insurance forms.
In addition, I have things that have to get done which are not on his list, but are on my list such as feeding and watering animals, cleaning the house, writing a blog entry (doing!), gardening etc.

Cheers everyone!  

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