Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is something I wrote a while ago. 

When you lay me down
And sternly whisper harsh words
My wrists pinned, your hand

Hard up against me,
Ecstasy, scattered, undone,
Lost but held by you.

Kneeling, naked,
Tightly held,
Head arched back,
Face upturned.

Eternity is between the blows.

Afterward I come down on
Trembling, shaking legs,

My heart fluttering, pounding,
Alone again.

Still the marks prick me
I feel your touch on me there,
Thrashing and beating,

How you made me beg
In desperate pleasure used,
My deep need fulfilled.

 I love rope.  I love being tied up, restrained, held down.  Legs tied in the air.  Hands tied together or spread apart.  I just love it.    Our bedroom ceiling is very accommodating in terms of attachment points. 


  1. Lovely!

    P.S for some reason, whenever I submit a comment on your log it always goes to a completely white page and I have to leave and come back to see if the comment posted or not.
    Maybe blogger has it out for me...

  2. I'm not sure- it doesn't do that when I make a comment. ??

  3. When you go to camp, please be sure to talk to people there about how you can be bound. I can mention names but you know them. Your Master can get some very interesting ideas. And remind me, I have a book I can bring your Master next time we meet

  4. He does have some roping mentors, maybe the same people you know? Are you coming for the Sept. gathering at CWF? It will be informal.
    I don't know if we are going yet.


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