Friday, August 24, 2012

Thoughts on Blood Play

Camp was the first time either of us has been around anyone playing with blood.   We don't do this ourselves.  We don't think it is a bad thing,  we're just not turned on by the thought.  Any blood that has been shed was from a hard, sharp blow and was relatively unintentional. 

I have to admit that it does turn me on to think of him carving something in me, but not because of the blood, just because of the sheer lack of control of my body that would allow me.   Prior to being a slave would I let someone cut me?   No F'ing way!  It would require an incredible amount of surrender from me, and one that I am willing to give.

My Master explained his thoughts on what we had seen and said I could share them.  In his mind, large amounts of blood is a bad thing.  He deals with cutting open living things, blood, and things of that nature every day.  In his world his job is to stop the bleeding.  Any time there are large amounts, or piles, of blood, this is a bad thing.  It's not disgusting or frightening to him, but it means that things are not going well and he needs to fix it.  Seeing the blood play at camp shifted him from play mode to work mode.  It seemed like a bad thing.  So he walked away.   

My first response came directly out of The Onion:  "Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood."     Actually that was my second and third response too. 

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