Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Co-conspirators on the Mind Fuck

Sunday.  The last day of camp.  I was dreading the end, dreading having to leave fantasy sex camp and go home to real work and life.  

Closing ceremonies would be held in the middle of the day, then we'd pack our stuff and go.

All morning my Master was acting suspiciously.   He kept vanishing while telling me to stay at the campsite, then he'd come popping out of a trailer across the way.  He had that plotting look.   There were significant glances to some of our friends.    I asked what was going on. 

"Oh, nothing". 

Right, sure.  I kept that comment in my head, though.

The closing ceremonies were emotional.  I'm sure I was not the only one feeling a little damp eyed at times.   They played the camp theme song "One Tribe" by the Black Eyed Peas.  I was inspired to ask if I could climb into Master's lap and give him a dance.  Yeah, my inner slut is seriously slutty.   I was humping all over his leg.    The great thing about camp is that no one blinks at this.    Acceptance.  Freedom from society's proprieties.   The song describes the atmosphere perfectly. 

One Tribe Ya'll

After the ceremony Master snapped a chain leash on my collar and there were hugs for all our friends, new and not so new.    Walking on a leash through a crowd is a skill that I'm still working on (well, how many opportunities does one have to practice such a thing?  Only at camp.)  but I managed not to strangle myself or clothesline anyone. 

We headed back to the campsite, which had accumulated something of a crowd,  and he threw a blanket over one end of the picnic table and told me to strip and  bend over it.   I did and he stretched my neck a bit with the leash.

This is where my memory becomes a bit fuzzy.  I believe I was whacked with a few things, mostly a cane.  I know I came, and squirted on command and was dripping all over down my legs.  Behind me someone made a comment about that being hot (Scott possibly?).    MistressSassyV said she was itching to try out her new toy,  a Mickey Mouse plastic paddle, and that she really wanted to break it over someone's ass.   Master, generous soul that he is, offered up my ass for the paddle breaking.   After a few of her swats I muttered "Fucking Disney" and was chided for dissing the Mouse.  I also got a souvenir Disney sticker on my boob. 

At some point I heard Scott behind me mention doing some cutting on me and I heard the sound of his knife click open.  What does that tell you about camp that  I recognized  the sound of his knife? 

Then I felt the scratching on my back.   Later I found out it was my Master's car key.    Ohhhhh my.

 After an undetermined amount of time and sensation I was pulled to my feet by Master and there was this hot naked girl, a good friend, standing ready,  and some rope.   We were tied facing each other with a "happy rope" also between our legs, and then our arms tied together.   There was rubbing with rabbit furs by another good friend (our Prom Queen)  who had topped me in a scene at the dungeon Friday night, and there was flogging, and caning, and cropping by both her and my Master.  They switched back and forth between us and I mostly had my eyes closed so I didn't know who was doing what.

   There was biting, scratching, orgasms, the happy rope pulling our bits this way and that as we moved and struggled.  Then there was the ice in my cunt, ohhh good god.   There was teasing with a water bottle at my lips where I could almost get a drink, and get some water spilled down my chest.   Someone (Master?) dumped a large volume of cold water over us, making us jump and strain at the ropes. 

Eventually we were released and my Master bent me over the cooler and fucked me.  All around I could hear bits and pieces of various conversations.  It was surreal.   

It was a beautiful scene of lust, pain and sensations.    This is what camp is all about.   I am so grateful for my Master for letting me go to camp and to him and everyone who made it such a fantastic experience.  

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