Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Formal D/s event

Last Saturday night we had signed up to go to a camp event called a "D/s formal".   I had no clear idea what this would involve, except that beforehand, by asking questions, I determined that there would be food, and no dancing, and "formal wear" and protocol were up to each individual or pair to determine for themselves.

   Nothing would be required of us that we didn't want, radical inclusiveness being the watchwords. 

We showed up dressed in our formal wear- Master in his regular clothes and me in a floor length see through gown with collar and leash.   The decorations in the tent that was normally a dungeon were beautiful.  I can't say enough about the gnomes who transformed things like suspension boxes and devices for restraining people into something having the feeling of a formal garden party, with a little kink thrown in here and there.  

Master got us some drinks and found a seat at a table.  I sat on a padded mat on the floor beside him, on the blanket I had brought.   After the first cool night I had started bringing a blanket to the dungeon for when it got cold later on.  

When more people had arrived he sent me to get a plate of food.   I picked carefully some things that I knew he would like.   We sat and chatted with friends who were at the table with us, while Master ate and fed me from his plate.   It was a great experience, and the food was just delicious. Those little tiny key lime pies- yum!    There were helpful server-volunteers who came around to clear plates and offer drinks, and the slaves or submissives at our table also did some of the clearing up.  

Afterward, the reverse transformation began, with decorations removed by gnomes and the dungeon returning to a functional torture-space.  


  1. What a fascinating idea, but you left us hanging? What happened next?

    And I love key-lime pie too!


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