Monday, August 27, 2012

Dungeon Saturday night

After the Wishing Tree burned we headed into the tent to get out of the rain.  We ran into a new friend who had offered to talk about canes and show his collection.    So of course these things had to be tried out.  On me.   It was really just a  casual demo, but I got hit with a variety of things from your standard canes and paddles to a scary-ass metal rod and a giant tire tread thumper.   Although I was expecting a demo, not a scene, after one particular hit I went deep into subspace.    If you haven't been there, it's kind of a state of altered conciousness.   There are floaty feelings, feeling no pain, or at least a lot less.   Things around you don't really register that well.  Sometimes I can't talk or walk.  This time I remained standing, but don't really think I was all there.   I followed my Master around.  He was talking to some people, but I had to ask him later what they were all saying because I just wasn't paying attention.   Evidently they were interested in dragon tails, a kind of a whip.   Master offered to show them his and let them try it.  Guess on whom?

So Master ordered me over to the cross, and started in with some delicious whipping.  I was really in the mood for that.  The other person tried it, but the blows felt more like swishes than stings.  That's ok, first time and all.    When they were done they had to tell me several times to get off of there since I was pretty zoned out.    More standing around vaguely after that.  I have no idea what they talked about or what was going on around us.  I was off in happy land.  

Things came back into sharper focus when Master was invited to join someone else's scene.  I just sat back and watched, but it was extremely hot.    Then he came to me and told me to get down and suck his cock.  I obeyed instantly, even though I'd never done anything that sexual in public before.   He had his hand in my hair and ordered me to cum.  I did, forgetting about all the people watching and just focusing on him and me. 

At some point during the night (and neither Master or I can remember exactly when) I experienced a single tail whip wielded by an extremely proficient whipper (is this the right word? I don't think so).  Master pulled me over to him and said "You're going to do this".    Yes, I guess I was, but I was scared and excited. 

   The friend started with popping it all around my ears, then with the barest of touches, then a little harder.  He asked how it was and I smiled and said "Really good, you can go harder".   So he did, moved it up to a little stingy and left some decorative marks in neat little rows on my shoulders.   He stopped before it reached a very painful level.   Just a taste.  To leave me wanting to come back for more.

Now we settled back to relax and cuddle by the heater for a while.   We watched what others were doing.  

Eventually, late at night, we watched this:

Saturday night was a great night. 

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  1. I'm impressed that you remember anything at all!


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