Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun and games

Because fun is fun, and fun is good, Master invented a new game last night.   Two games, really.   The first was slave roping.   He told me to go hide in the house somewhere, and he'd find me and catch me.  I didn't hide very well.  Hey, I wanted to be caught!

   When he found me, I was just standing in the corner of a dark room and he looked disappointed, saying

 "Are you kidding me? That is a terrible hiding spot."

While he was uncoiling a rope I darted out the door past him and ran down the stairs-- slippery, sneaky slave that I am.  Then we started chasing all over the house with him throwing the rope over me and me squiggling out of it and giggling maniacally.  

See, those steers in the roping contests wouldn't be caught so easily if they were able to throw the lasso off with their hands like I can.  Ha!

Then he switched to the other (fun?) item he had brought with him that I hadn't noticed before.  It's a 4 piece of leather thong that snakes out and pops and stings like a whip.   He was chasing me round and round the house, which has a circular plan through the kitchen and dining room, both of us laughing and me yelping every time the strap caught me on the ass, or thigh or back.   Yelp, giggle, yelp, giggle, yelp!   Round and round until we were both out of breath.

With me barely able to breath, he managed to get a rope around my wrists.  As I was struggling to get out of it he did that fancy leg swipe wrestling move and took me down with a hard thump on the wood floor.  I was a bit stunned for a second and stopped struggling, but he complained that I wasn't fighting very hard, so I resumed trying to wiggle away.  

I made my escape once more, but not for long...

Where would the fun be if he didn't catch me in the end?     :).   

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