Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Monday!   I woke up early, had a nice hard fucking, went to work.  I was looking forward to having lunch with Master, but he had a lunch meeting (slave not invited) so I went for my walk alone.  After work we went out to dinner, and had a pretty romantic time of it.  He shared his drink with me.  

Then for added romance in our evening we went to Gander Mountain to look at camping supplies.  Most of the stuff on the list he decided we could get cheaper at Fleet Farm.  But we did pick up a lantern and a tent dome light.   I also got whapped on the butt with an implement of sandwich toasting.  He grabs it and says "Hey, this has some weight to it, I bet it would be good.  Come over here, now turn around."     

The store was pretty empty, so I was fairly well squeezed etc. before we got out of there with our lights.

The way home was entertaining too.  

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