Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working at Home

Hank, waiting to be sent to gather the sheep

Yesterday Hank and I moved the sheep around, first to the yard, then when they got tired of eating there, to a woodsy patch for some browsing.   Finally we left them in this pasture, where the grass has started growing a bit now that we have had some rain..  Hank lives to work, and if there is a chance that sheep are in his future, he has eyes for nothing else.  I have seen a rabbit spring up under his nose in tall grass and he still focuses on the sheep with barely a glance for the bunny.

In the mean time, I repaired some fences that were sagging.  I put in new fence posts and stretched the fence back up again.  

I also spent a lot of time on the computer, and got into a minor amount of hot water with my Master for a joke I made. Yes, he reads everything I write. 0_o.  

  He thought my post was amusing, and he was not mad, but still felt he need to squash any rebellious thoughts I might be having with a good hard caning.  At least he didn't shove a handily pre-sharpened pencil where the sun doesn't shine first as he considered doing. 

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