Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mind Control Slave

There is quite a bit of mind control that goes into owning a slave and getting what the Owner wants.    I have been on the receiving end of this multiple times, and generally I do realize what is going on at the time it is happening.   He taught  me to feel certain ways when he does certain things.  All it takes is a little classical conditioning.  Since he has control over my orgasms, this gives him a powerful way to make me feel what he wants.  Using this technique, he has pushed me past jealousy of certain acts and into eagerness and feeling turned on by them.

The other technique is simply re-framing situations to make them palatable and even pleasurable to me.  This has been done with a quick stern lecture.  There was a time when I became very upset about his using me for sex as he read a porn magazine.  I didn't exactly have a fit, but I did pout and possibly cry.    A stern lecture from him about how he was the Master  and he would use me for his pleasure how and when he wanted re-framed my attitude completely, just that quick.   It became a service I could do for him, being used, instead of a slight (ignoring) that he perpetrated against me. 

I'm sure there are other examples, but this is the one that has been in my mind most recently. 


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