Tuesday, January 22, 2013


In the animal training world, when an animal randomly associates a happenstance event with some outcome, and changes it's behavior as a result,  it is called developing a superstitious behavior.  An example would be if a broom falls on a dog just as it goes through a doorway and it never wants to walk through that doorway again, even if no brooms are present.   It has associated the doorway with bad things happening.   It can work the other way too, such as if the dog barks just as you clumsily drop your hot dog on the floor.  He may think that barking gets him hot dogs, and try it again a few times.  

All this was going through my head yesterday as I cleaned Master's bathroom with a scrubby brush and, yes, even toothbrush for the hard to reach corners.   Because I desperately wanted a beating and one time, just one time, long ago, he rewarded me for an extra good job on that bathroom with a beating.  

Just in case it would help, I also told him I was really hoping for beatings later on.  He said "Hmmm".  Very non committal, that.   

 I couldn't get comfy on the couch, because he was sitting in a very awkward place, and I was tired, so I went and lay in bed.  Trying very hard not to sulk, really.  I just wanted to lie down.  But the treacherous part of my brain kept  popping through and saying things like:

"You are just a stupid slave and do not deserve attention".  
 "All right, treacherous brain, I hate you too", I would reply to myself, "now leave me alone".    I'm not crazy, everybody has these two sided conversations with themselves, right?  Right?

Anyway, I don't think he noticed the bathroom had been cleaned. 

But he did wake me up to tell me to check the dogs because it was going to be -20 F last night and he didn't want any of them to accidentally be left out in the cold.   They were all in the house.   Just as I reported this to him, he threw me down on the couch and beat my ass like a drum. With drumsticks.    Ow, ow, ow, it was terrific.  

A bit later, after I had waited on him upstairs, he finished up the beating with a sound paddling, then fucked me doggy style on the floor. 

I think I'm becoming superstitious.   


  1. LOL and for the record the whole conversation thing... you are alone ;)

  2. Can you see me sticking my tongue out MP? LMAO

    Now I have to go find a missing semi colon in one of these blog entries that Master noted.


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