Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Dominants, One Slave

When just thinking about it abstractly, I might have thought it wouldn't work out very well.   I mean, whose commands do I obey?  How do I use or position myself best two keep two people happy?  Who gets to do what/when?  Who decides what we are going to do?

But in practicality, it has worked out really well.   Both my Master and our friend Mystique are giving, sharing people.  They trade me off, sending me back and forth to do services for the other.   I am kept quite busy, but rarely conflicted or confused on what to do next. 

I have to say my absolute favorite is being in the middle of the fucking sandwich, either with her cock (strap on) in my mouth and him in my cunt, or the opposite way, with him in front and her behind.   This type of double penetration really rocks. 

Also, she is superbly talented in giving an erotic, OTK spanking.   She makes me hold off on an orgasm for a long time, so I'm just whimpering with need.  It's lovely. 


Last night, after a hard flogging (sometimes I wonder why I asked for those floggers to be made so hard- they are nothing like the soft deerskin or heavy cowhide ones with wide, soft falls.    When Master gets going they do hurt), he used the belt on me.

The belt stung but not unbearably.  I was managing to relax into the pain and enjoy it. 

Then he got out the dreaded purse strap.  That thing wants to take a one way trip somewhere far away.  After only a few smacks on the ass I was yelping.  It is thin and the edges are almost sharp.  I pretty much hate it at the same time as it makes me very much wet.
He used the long thin paddle fast and hard, focusing on the same spot. Whack whack whack whack!  With no time to draw a breath or relax between strikes. 

  Just as I was about to try to dodge away, (this would be naughty, but not being tied down, I was seriously considering making a break for it) he stopped.  

He had me get into bed and use the magic wand as he took me.  I had multiple, multiple, toe curling, earth rocking orgasms.  Every time I started to get close he would pinch a nipple, hard, and the pain would send me over the edge as he commanded me to cum.   Other times he would grab my throat, or use his hand to cover my mouth and nose and cut off the air.  This had the same effect of sending me to the edge of orgasm, just holding back long enough for him to give me the command. 

It was a great night.  :)  

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  1. amazing night...sounds like you really enjoyed yourself...:) a little jealous though its been to long for me and my Goodness fo r blogs lol


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