Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a Date! AKA Run over by tanks.

We finally got to have our play date today, after many Thursdays of it falling through due to various reasons.  There was to have been an anal hook involved, but it got left out of the toy bag.   There was a lot of other fun to be had, though.   I got suspended from the ceiling.   It was my first suspension since high school,

No, I was never I suspended from school.  I used to do some rappelling and rock climbing back then.  

Master had me wear an old T-shirt so he could cut holes in it and then cut it off me.  That was very erotic.

Our lovely friend Mystique came over and both her and Master spanked, paddled, caned and fucked me into a puddle of happy goo.   Dang, I'm a lucky girl.  

I also got run over by tiny tanks.  And there were pictures. 

Tank driving over cane mark "speed bumps"


  1. They never grow out of the whole Tonka/Matchbox thing do they? Did he make "Vrrroooom" noises while he placed them on you?

    I LOVE this post!

  2. So nice to be able to point and snicker at someone else for a change :D

  3. Sorry that was supposed to say support someone... damn you autocorrect :D

  4. MP- Oh, I'm sure it was autocorrect. What are friends for if we can't laugh at each other? I mean "with" each other.

    I don't remember any "vroom" noises, but there were a lot of comments about the difficult terrain.


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