Monday, January 28, 2013

Some good smackin'

As I heard the door lock my heart did a little flip of anticipation.   He came to bed, where I was reading my book, and climbed in.   I said I might be overdressed for the occasion.   I was still wearing sweater, bra, skirt, tights, everything but shoes.   I'd just climbed into bed to do a little reading a few minutes before, and while I HAD casually mentioned this to Master before going up, as in "Hey, I'm going to go read in bed, wanna cuddle?"  I didn't really think he'd follow me. 

After I mentioned taking off some clothes he said "No, it's fine" and directed me to suck him off.

When he was just about to cum he pushed me away, flipped me over and fucked me hard from behind.   

I was a bit worried that it meant he wouldn't be interested in anything else later, like some beatings for me, but I shouldn't have been concerned.  

We watched a DVD, with me naked next to him on the couch in front of the toasty warm woodstove.  After the show was over I asked if I could sit on his lap, and he said yes.   He then played my breasts, and stomach like they were bongos, interspersed with slaps in face.   It hurt, and aroused me, and shamed me just a bit by how aroused I was getting just at being a set of drums.  The shame aroused me even more.  Dang it.

Later, upstairs, he tied my left hand back and wrapped me snuggly in rope.  I stood gripping my dresser with my one free hand (well, semi-free-  it was all roped up too) and waited.

His favorite implement is the thin wooden wavy paddle I bought him for Christmas.  He used it heavily on my backside, lightly on my frontside and teasingly in between my legs.   A thump on the cunt with a thin paddle is teasing, right?   After that- the cane.  I don't think it's possible to tap lightly enough with a cane between the legs so that it doesn't cause a wince of pain even with the teasing pleasure.  

He told me to lie on my back at that instant delivered such a smack with the cane that I think my knees buckled a little anyway.   As I lay on the floor he made me spread my knees and then whipped me all over with the dragon tail.  Sometimes it felt like a caress, and sometimes a sharper pop.   Again, I was accutely aware of how sensitive my pussy is.  I resisted the urge to snap my knees back together.  Sometimes the whip would pop fiercely in the air, disturbingly, enticingly.

He put his foot on my cunt and pressed down, as he told me to cum.

When the orgasm had finished with me he commanded me to raise my legs.   I was on my back, on the floor, legs raised straight out as high as I could get them.

 He brought out the evil purse strap.  Have I mentioned how I hate that thing? I don't know what possessed me to cut it off my old purse and save it for him.  He whipped it on my thighs and cunt.   That hurt with bright flashes.  My stomach muscles started to ache from holding my legs up in the air, but every time the legs started to droop he reminded me sternly to keep them up.    

Eventually he let them come down and made me cum again, then rolled me over and whaled on me with a thick, heavy leather strap.    Just when I would think I was making it to floaty land, an especially hard blow would start me sobbing again.   It seemed to jerk me from subspace just as I was reaching that nirvana. 

He told me to get up, ordered me onto my knees to suck his cock.  

He had the cane again now, for encouragement.

He led me to the bed and told me to use the magic wand as he fucked me.  I came hard and many times as he slapped me in the face or gripped my neck.  I did not keep track, it all just flowed together.   Also the towels he put down did not help much.  :)  Everything was soaked.  

As he untied me, I was giggling and sassy.   He took a wooden spoon that we had received at the kinky Christmas party and whacked my ass. 

 "How does that feel?"  he asked.  

And not being the wisest of slaves, I replied "I don't know.  I can't really feel it".  Now this was perfectly true, and a slave should never lie, right?   

He hauled off and really smacked with the spoon then.  Several times.   Ok, Master, I felt that.   Then he gave me some great wallops with his hand for being so sassy, and sent me stumbling for the bed.  

Yeah, I'm sitting gingerly today, but you probably guessed that. 

Thank you Master! 

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