Monday, January 7, 2013


The command never fails to make my stomach do flip flops.  In the middle of a Sunday afternoon, he orders me upstairs.  My stomach is instantly doing tricks.   I anup and walk ahead of him.   The whole time I'm on edge, waiting for something to happen.  Will he grab me? Will he push me down? Will he hit me?

Nope.  We just walk up the stairs and go in our room. 

Kneel, he says. 

Take off my clothes, he says.

I do, removing his clothes as quickly as I dare while still using reasonable care.

Still, I'm wondering.  Does he just want this little service from me?  Yes, sometimes it is that way. He just wants me kneeling in front of him, doing him a service.
Does he want to fuck me?   Will he use the belt on me first and then fuck me?

So many questions running through my head, and eventually I will know the answers. 


  1. I love the anticipation, wandering what they want stop teasing and what did he want? lol


  2. Stop teasing? Now where would be the fun in that?


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