Saturday, January 19, 2013


Thursday started off like most other days, with getting the kids off to school and making breakfast. I served Master his breakfast (tea, sausage and cheese on an English muffin) in the computer room, then had a few minutes to my self. I ate my sausage, took a quick bath and then went back to see him.

He ordered me to strip, kneel and give him a blow job while he looked at porn on the internet. He said I could have my beating later. I went to it with enthusiasm, and soon finished him.

We went upstairs, and he tied a body harness on me, had me lie on the floor and set lead miniatures (little army guys and trucks) all over me, and took photos. It was freezing cold in our room (well, maybe 60 degrees, but without clothes it felt freezing cold) and the mini pictures took forever. There were several sets, and many shots of each group. I was bored, horny and cold and Master just kept laughing at my predicament.

"Don't say anything- your face says it all.   And hold still" he told me.  Laughing.

After he was done with that fun, he stood me up, and let me warm up with a blanket for a few minutes while he got out more ropes.  He tied my hands above my head to the rafters and started in beating me. 

 I'd love to give the blow by blow (ha ha) on what exactly happened, but it all gets sort of fuzzy for me right about here.   There was flogging first, and the long wavy paddle, and the cane.  There was a huge leather slapper paddle, and I don't normally count whacks, but on that one I did.   I got up to 70 with the leather paddle.

I think he used a few other implements, the cane for sure on my tits, but the one I remember is the single tail whip.  It stung at first, but quickly I was gone deep into subspace.  I went all over relaxed and instead of hurting it felt like pure bliss.  I was dancing, I think.  I had an orgasm.  Then he just kept on whipping, hard, for a long time.  I have quite a few marks, although none are severe.  

When he untied me I was nowhere near ready to stop, but was also I was in no frame of my to judge for myself whether we should stop, so I trust his judgement on that. 

Evidently then he took more pictures of me, with the paddle, inserted, which I do not remember.  I know this because I saw the pictures.   I remember lying on the floor for a while, deeply spaced out.

He helped me on to the bed, had me lie on my stomach and just then "Shake Your Booty" came on the oldies station on the radio.   I started laughing at that, and my situation; it seemed quite hilarious.  Then he began fucking me and I forgot all about the song.   He came again, and I did also, several times, and then we cuddled for a while, showered and went out to lunch.

We went to our favorite restaurant, a Sushi place (even though I don't like sushi, or fish of any kind) and had a great meal.  Unfortunately he ordered the wrong sushi roll, an eel roll that had cucumbers in it.   He doesn't like cucumbers, but felt bad for not being able to eat any of it, so he told me to eat one of the rolls.   I like cucumbers just fine, but eel is nasty.  I ate it.   We took the rest home in a box, an expensive (!) treat for the chickens. 

Blogger is driving me nuts at the moment, and not letting me insert pictures.  So if you are a member of Fetlife, you can go see them here:

Nakie pictures

There are no pictures of chickens enjoying sushi rolls, sorry.  


  1. Ps. I was putting off writing this one/avoiding writing this one/not going to write a blog at all about Thursday until Master was checking the computer last night and said "Where is the blog about Thursday- I want to read it?" So that made it officially non optional, and here I am this morning. :)

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