Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Imperfect Slave

So, yesterday I lost my temper at Master.  It was about a stupid little thing, but I was irritible, and nobody was hearing me.  I blew a gasket, and went on a bit of a rant.  He immediately and  metaphorically stomped on my neck with a stern few sentences about how if I could manage to make sense people would listen to me.  I felt all the starch go out of me, felt like I was collapsing into a pile of squishy bread dough.  My face fell down to the vicinity of my knees.   He called me to him to receive punishment, and I came like an already whipped pup.   It was just a few little spanks, which turned me on physically more than anything else, but the fact that it was discipline made me feel quite low and ashamed, especially for how badly I wanted more of it.

I continued to feel guilty afterward.  He told me to quit it, or in his words "Te absolvo".    I got over my moping, quit apologizing, and when I had recovered some good spirits he took me upstairs and fucked me quick and hard, hurting me at the same time, and relieving the horniness he had brought on with his spanking. 

Master had made arrangements for me to go out with friends to see Les Miserables, since he had no interest in the movie but I wanted to see it.   It was funny how he set it up.  Two Thursdays ago he just said to Mystique, "Ksst wants to see Les Mis, and I don't, can you take her?" or something similar to that.   So Mystique, a sub friend and I made arrangements to all go.   I don't think I've ever cried so much at a movie.  I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, especially the singing, and used many kleenexes.   Bawl, bawl, bawl!  

Pretty cathartic, actually.

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  1. Singing? Bawling? Kleenex? Oh that has just been put on the "never going to see list" shudders


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