Friday, January 4, 2013

Better enough

Yesterday Master decided I was better enough or else he was just tired of waiting for me to recover.   I felt like I was well enough the day before, but anyway... he didn't. 

He was gone all morning doing errands, but when he got home he took me upstairs and fucked me quickly.  I asked if I should get him a stick.  A considering look went across his face and then he said yes.  I brought him the willow cane and he positioned me face down on the bed and started on me lightly, then working up to harder and harder whacks.  I squirmed, I came.

Crack! the cane broke, but there was still enough left of the longer side to keep using it, so he did.  After a short while he rolled me over and took me again.

We spent a long time just lying in bed then, recovering, cuddling, chatting, just being. 

That afternoon I finally cleaned all the floors.  I figured if I was well enough to be caned, my excuse for not cleaning was out the window.  

Later on, we cuddled on the couch until late at night, and watched some really good episodes of Castle.  The one with zombies in it  was a bit scary.  Especially when they went to poke the "dead" guy and Master grabbed me suddenly and growled out "Rarrr!"   Yeah, I jumped and shrieked.   He asked me (hopefully?!) if I pissed myself.   No, not this time, hmmmph, Master Sadist!

He spanked, paddled and fucked me a good long time last night.  When he had me using the hitachi and was slapping my face repeatedly, I thought I just might pass out.  Then he held me by the throat and cut off my breath.   He was making me use the vibrator but not giving me the command to cum.  Eventually he asked if I needed the command and I said desperately "Yes, please, Master", and he gave it to me.

This morning I was sound asleep when he came back from where ever he was (downstairs, I don't know- I was sleeping!)  and I think he said something like "Time to get up" before he spread my legs and took me.  The cunt was sore from unaccustomed overuse last night and I must have winced badly because he asked "Does that hurt, slave?"   I said  yes, and he just went on harder and faster.

This is all it takes to make me one happy slave- getting used like a fucking slut.  :) :)
Things are good in my world again.   


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