Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Tease

There are some times when Master's commands are more difficult for me to obey, but I know that it really is all about him, what he wants, and I just deal with it and obey as best as I can. 

This morning when we woke up he gave me directions on what I was to do for him.

First, I had to tie him up.

I know, shocking, probably, to some of you all.  But that's what he wanted, and he gets to have what he wants.
Then I was to spend a good long time pleasuring him in ways that he described, including talking dirty.  He even asked if I wanted to read the book chapter on erotic teasing that he has.  No, I got it, I said.  I can do this. 

I asked if he wanted to be blindfolded.  Yes, he did.  So I tied him to the bed and set about pleasing him in every area with every part of me for a good long time, careful to spend no more than 20 seconds on any one part.  So, just as he really started to enjoy it I'd switch to something else.  It drove him absolutely mad, which was the whole point.   Finally he broke free (my tying skills are not so good) and had his way with me.  

It's not exactly a comfortable role for me, but it's not about my comfort, it's about making him happy.   And I know I did. 


  1. its not always easy being a submissive...but we know it pleases them and we do it because we love to please them...or at least I say this for myself...Starshine

  2. Personally one would get way better at the whole knot tying thing... there would be no escape ;)

  3. LOL, MP! But that's the best part, when he escapes and "ravishes" me.

  4. Yeah He has a tendency to return favours ten fold... that is a serious amount of crap to be on the receiving end of. No, much better He just stays tied up...
    Hmm.... maybe this is why we never get to play these games... He says one can't be trusted

  5. I for sure didn't do any thing mean/owie/painful to him. I mean, I have some instinct for self preservation.

  6. We dominants can be tricky at times, can't we? But if you could figure us out easily, then where would the fun be?


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