Friday, May 31, 2013

Outdoor Suspension


I heard more voices outside, but I wasn't sure who was here and if the USDA lady had left, so I stayed upstairs and out of sight until I could get Master's attention and ask if it was all right if I came down.

Finally, it was all clear for me.  I brought down the tack inserts and though they could use some improvement (shorter nails) they were ok for a first approximation.  Master took one from me and stuck it in my panties.  Pokey pokey!   I put a bra on, and the other one went in one of the cups.  I guess I need a third, because it was lopsided that way.  They felt pointed, and hurt a bit when I moved, but not too bad at all.  

We went outside to the swing set.  Mystique roped me up and suspended me a few feet off the ground then they played spin the slave, heh, with a few whackings of the big paddle and a really thin stick.  That last one left some marks!

It was fun, like having my own little hammock.   

The gnats were out soon enough, and walking all over me.  Eventually they got to walking on Master, and he said it was time to go in. 

I enjoyed the un-roping part too.  

Some more drinks and chatting, and then sadly all too soon, it was time for her to go.  

Master wasn't done with me yet.   He shut the gate, then took me upstairs, after having me put the tack panties on again.  He had let me remove them and the tack  bra for the suspension.   

I knelt over him on the bed, giving him the shoulder rub he ordered, with the tacks digging into my mons.  I looked later for marks, and there were indentations, but no scratches or cuts.   When he was all rubbed, he told me to take them off and ride him, using the vibrator.  I had several intense orgasms as he pinched and twisted my nipples, then he flipped me over, telling me he was going to rape my ass and he wanted to hear me scream.  

He got his wish, starting out with screams of pain, and then screams of pleasure.   At the first little bit of pressure on my ass, I tried to writhe away, but he wouldn't let me budge, and just reminded me to breathe.   Then he thrust in and once his cock was all the way in I bucked wildly against him.    When he came, he ordered me to come and I screamed more as I spasmed around his cock.  It was delicious. 

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