Monday, August 19, 2013

And even later on Saturday night...the fire and beatings commence

Even though we were camping together and hanging out, cooking food and taking classes together a lot, I hadn't gotten to play with Mystique yet at camp, except for one little "Flaming Cooter of Fun" at the fireplay class, so Saturday night we went to the dungeon pretty quickly after the big fire so she could set some little fires on me. 

Master said we should also try some "Nipple Rings of Fire" with the flash cotton.

He held me down while Mystique lit up my cooter with a blob of flash cotton.  I screamed.  Both times.

Then she started putting it on my breast in rings and I squirmed and squiggled so hard she asked me what was wrong.  Master was still holding me down by the wrists.  I said I was worried, and she put a fire hood over my face so it was more protected, and I didn't have to see what was going on.  I didn't want to see.  I was scared, folks. 

The Nipple Rings of Fire did not burn as much as the cooter fire, but it was still more intense than having the same on my back or other less sensitive parts.

Then there was some fire mousse on my chest, which was hot, in both senses.   Master wanted to try that, so they flipped me over and he did mousse patterns on my back, then lit them on fire.  This was relaxing compared to having it on the front.

Then I was done, and we moved off to watch someone else get a similar treatment from her, only with more punching!   She was braver than me, and did not have to be held down for the flaming cooter treatment, unlike me.  

After a bit, Master really wanted to beat me (you sure didn't see me saying "No please no" either), so we headed off to the spiderweb corner.  In case you are wondering, it is a chain metal spiderweb on a frame.    He did not tie me at first, but just had me hold on to the back of it.  

The beating commenced.

And more beating.

Then he switched from the "nice" leather slapper to that mean old rubber pancake flipper paddle.  Even the light swats seemed excruciating.   He tied my hands up to my chest almost in a praying position and then tied them to the frame. 

As the paddle struck I leaped, I danced, I swore at him.  When I managed to squirm enough to turn my sore butt away from him he swatted me on the fronts of my thighs with it.  That hurt like a mother fucker.  Excuse my language.  

Then he began deprogramming me.   Through whispers in my ear and well timed corrections, he got rid of both the word "six" and the word "Iowa" as command triggers that would make me orgasm.   Now I still have two other commands that work, one being a hand signal.   Master is still thinking of more modifications to make to this training.   

He talked about continuing on with the paddle (he was now using Uma, the wooden smiley paddle) until I used a safeword, but finally decided it was too cold to go on that long.  When I complained that I was cold, he wrapped me up and untied me.  By that time I was REALLY cold, and was very glad Mystique was there to make a "ksst sandwich" around me with Master on the other side to warm me up.   I was once again deeply spaced, and having a wonderful time in my little floaty world.   We warmed up by the bonfire for a long time before heading back to our tent for sleep. 

Again, really, really glad we had that electric blanket.  We slept warm every single night.   Thank you Mystique! 




  1. Thank you for sharing the events of your long weekend.



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