Thursday, August 29, 2013

That'd be the Butt Bob

After serving dinner, washing up, and giving Master a foot massage,  I asked to be allowed to go upstairs and read my book.    He said yes, and I'd been up there for no more than 10 minutes when he came up and asked me how the book was.   

 "It is pretty good, the girl in there just got butt-raped". 


He took the book and started reading it himself, at the same time sticking his cock in my mouth as I lay on my side.  

He read some parts out loud to me, then he went out of the room to attend to something else, saying I should start lubing up and stick something in my ass while he was gone.

I did this (warning and preparation is always nice), so when he returned and pushed me flat on my stomach I was ready.    There is always the first shock of entry, with me biting down on the pillow to keep from screaming, but after that pain was over I bucked up against him, enjoying the sensation of his cock deep in my ass, thrusting in and out hard as he got ready to come.   It is always very intense for me, the giving up of my ass, overwhelming to the point where I can't think any actual thoughts, only feel sensations and orgasms as he demands them.

Afterward, he rolled over and told me to snuggle up against him.  I was still over-awed by him, intimidated even, but managed to do as he said.

Then he says "I can't rape you."

I'm thinking "Ummm, ok..."

He goes on "Because I own every part of you and can do whatever I want with what is mine".

After a minute's reflection on this he adds:

"It is ok if you ever decide you really don't like anal sex".

And I'm thinking "Oh really?" but I don't say anything.

 "I'll keep doing it to you anyway, but it is ok if you don't like it".

Oh, the benefits of being owned!


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