Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rough Day

There is a reason I left writing about Friday until last.   It was kind of a rough day for us.  I woke up sore and and emotional.  I'm no longer a 20 year old who can do all sorts of strange activities and then bounce out of a tent feeling great.  Plus, someone had been beating on me the night before!

  Master insisted that we go take showers before coffee or breakfast. Indoor showers required a 1/4 mile or so walk each way.   Before coffee.   And he wanted to walk along at his normal very brisk clip expecting me to keep up while I hobbled along feeling like my legs were mired in syrup and every part of me ached.  Did I mention that I had no coffee?   About the 4th time he stopped to chide me for not walking faster I broke into tears.  He put his arm around me and told me I would get my coffee soon enough.  Sniff. 

  We eventually made it to the lodge for showers, and back to our campsite again, and had coffee and breakfast before 10 am so we could make it to WiDomher's caning class.  

 I felt much better after the nourishment, but I think I was still dealing with subdrop.   Someone in caning class shared a very painful traumatic memory and I started crying again.  Master and Mystique both held me and let me cry, then Master took me outside the tent so he could talk to me about what was wrong.   I said I found her story really sad and painful.   I didn't even think about being droppy at the time, but as I look back it seems perfectly clear that I was.   I don't always cry after hearing a sad story, honest!

This was a hands on class, so after the demos, everyone who wanted to give or receive some caning did so.   I was really craving it, too.  Like a junkie who was trashed the night before and wakes up needing another fix.   Master, who didn't get to beat anyone the night before, was also eager to lay down some stripes.   It was good too, almost a mini scene rather than just a demo.  

After lunch there was a whips intensive, and because I'm slut, I volunteered, with Master's prompting, to be a demo bottom for that.

   I was supposed to stand there as the instructor laid down ever increasingly hard strokes with the single tail, starting at barely brushing me and going up in intensity.   When it became harder than I wanted to feel I was supposed to simply step forward out of whip range.    I didn't get to that point.  Instead I started giggling when the sensation got intense.  I was on the verge of orgasm at that point, but he stopped because that was plenty for just a demo.  

 By this time, I felt quite awesome again, and got to try cracking the whip myself.   It was so fun I was jumping up and down with excitement.  I love that sound.

  I can't remember if it was before or after the whips class, but sometime during camp Master offered me up for a real scene with the whip instructor.  This was kind of funny to me, because I only found out about it later.  We were eating breakfast at the time, and I was so focused on my delicious sweet roll (Yay, Crazy Lady Cafe for best camping food ever!!) I didn't even notice that Master was negotiating a scene for me.  I really thought they were just chatting about some distant future something or other.   It turned out he didn't have a good time to do it that weekend, but another time that might work out.

After class, feeling hot and sweaty, we hopped over to the outdoor showers.  As we were undressing, Master pushed me down on a picnic table and fucked me.   Public sex FTW!    God, I love camp. 

Also, the showers felt really good after that.  

We dressed in our tent for the Leather Bar event.  We were both kind of grumpy and crabby at that point, for several reasons I won't go into.   The picnic shelter was set up as a bar, and we pretended to be leather people cruising around for a short time before heading over to the dungeon.   

I was very sore still, in certain areas, and I begged Master to be gentle with me.  He said he would.   After that followed the hottest, fear inducing-est, but gentlest scene I can remember.   It was quite wonderful, especially his knife cutting off my panties, and then what came after that... 

And after the "after that"...

We sat by the fire late into the night, enjoying camp camaraderie.  

A rough day turned out to have a gentle ending.


  1. Wow. What an amazing two days. I am glad that you received the support you needed from Master.

    Whips and canes. Love it.


    1. It was an amazing time! We actually went there Wednesday and got back Sunday, so it was a nice long time.

      He's really a nice person, my Master is :).

  2. Those rough days--even when they are at places and around people we want to be at or with--can be so hard. But its so refreshingly sweet when they end that well ;o)

    1. It's true, but we wouldn't appreciate the good and the easy and the happy without the rough spots.


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