Friday, August 2, 2013

Orgasm on Command

This was mostly written two years ago, and reprinted here to answer John Grey's question.

... after reading several descriptions of how it was done, I started to consider this a possibility, instead of a fantasy.
One Sunday in November we had such an intense session, actually two different sessions, that I went over and above what I ever thought I would be able to do in terms of sheer numbers of orgasms. Previously I had been having one or two at a time pretty regularly. But that day, every time I thought I was done and was collapsing into languor, my Master would do something like grip my throat while looking into my eyes with a greedy hunger for me and I would start coming again. He counted, and I counted, something around 10 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon. Sunday night I told him I was ready to learn to come on command.
Monday morning started off as a quickie, hurry up before work, but I didn't come. He asked me what I needed. I said I would like him to tie me up and whip me. So he tied my hands behind my back and tied my legs together, then beat my as with the riding crop fairly hard. I came once. He pressed down on me and whispered "Come now" in my ear. I came again. Then he gave me a little break, just a minute or a few seconds, I don't really know. Again he commanded "Come" in my ear and I did again. He was delighted, gloating over his power.

He spent a week really solidifying the training, and eventually over the next few months added new commands in terms of a hand signal and even instant message when he was away from home. It was amazing. It was loss of control of my own self in the most extreme sense because I might not even be thinking anything in particular and then "BOOM" --- orgasm.
For a while I couldn't orgasm at all without the command, but he decided that was not acceptable, so he had me work at it until I could do myself when he wasn't here. I still have to imagine him in my head giving the command though. I am thrilled beyond words by the whole thing.


Since then, he has added key words or phrases, conditioned them, and then sometimes taken them away again, with deconditioning, if they become inconvenient to him.  He has made me orgasm in all kinds of places- as a party trick, in public places, while riding in the car.   It doesn't really matter where or when, but I definitely notice that an unprepared surprise orgasm is not as intense as one that he gives in the middle of some heavy duty pain/sex stuff.  

It is still sometimes difficult for me to orgasm without his command, if I don't have the Hitachi magic wand on there.  With it, I can do it, if I have permission.   Occasionally, something will be so intense that he or Mystique is doing to me that I cum without command.  I don't get punished for that, but I try really hard not to do it.


  1. Very interesting. By conditioning, I assume you mean repeated repetition with rewards? or is it repetition with punishments? Do you think any of your work with dog/animal training helped either your master or yourself to accomplish this wonderful result?

    What is your experience with how common this is i.e., do you know other slaves who have been trained to cum on commmand? Is it rare? Do others comment on it during play sessions or scenes such at Kinky Camp?


  2. Very interesting. By conditioning, I assume you mean repetition with rewards? or was it repetition with punishment? Do you feel that your success in this training had anything to do with your knowledge or understanding of training animals (like your dogs)?

    What is your experience with how common or unusual cumming on command is with other slaves/subs you know?


  3. Thanks for your post. I've often wondered how you learned. I will say, the few times that I have cum on command, it has been....INTENSE.



  4. Surprise orgasms aren't as intense for me either, but not the most horrible way to slice up a day either! ;)


    1. I don't think there is any BAD orgasm.


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