Monday, August 12, 2013


Master and I were in different rooms, both on the computer.  I saw that he was also on Fetlife and I posted a note to his wall "Hi Master! wink flirt wiggle".    Playfully flirty, just hoping he'd write back.

A minute later he came in and told me to follow him upstairs.   He stood facing me and jerked the sash of my robe to bring me in closer.  He untied it and pulled it roughly off my shoulders.   Pinning my arms behind my back, he got behind me and used the sash to wrap around my chest and tie my hands together.    Then he faced my front again and pushed me to the ground.  It is a whole different balancing act getting to a kneeling position with one's hands tied behind than with them free, but I managed semi-gracefully.   I sucked his cock eagerly, my knees spread and cunt starting to feel slick with wanting.

He stepped behind again and pushed me forward until my face rested on the hard wood floor.  He knelt behind me and used the sash as a handle to hold me up as he took me.  It was amazing on many levels- being tied, being helpless, being fucked, and the perfect balance as he held my head up and kept my face from banging on the floor as he banged me. 

He released his hold on the sash and I could hold myself up for a few seconds, but gradually my head slumped to touch the ground, thumping with his rhythm of thrusts.  He reached forward and grabbed the back of my collar, still thrusting hard into me, now using my collar to pull my head back and up, using it for leverage for fucking.   There is nothing like that feeling, the constriction on my neck, to bring me into an even deeper level of erotic submission.  I was flying along that road when he gave me the command to come, and my whole body shook and convulsed.   Soon after, his did as well and we collapsed together curled on the floor.

I don't think I have any dents or splinters in my cheeks or forehead, but if I did, it would be worth it.... :)

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