Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday Date

With my Master's encouragement and permission, I had a date with another man arranged for Thursday night at Tryst Camp.

The two men had started negotiating it at MadTownKinkFest, and WiDomher and I had messaged back and forth many times in between the two events.   I believe it all started way back months ago when I commented on the hotness of a woman's picture of her heavy duty whip marks, and the perpetrator of those marks commented back something like "I could do that to you if you wanted".     Instead of having the "Oh hell no" reaction of any sensible person, this made me say "Hmmmmm....".

Mystique has known him for a long time, and she gave her thumbs up as far as his good character and sadistic skills :).    This was important because even though Master is willing to share me he is also very protective of me, and one does not get to know someone very well just by seeing them at a few events or online. 

His reasons for sharing me are complicated.  Part of it is that every time he has handed me off to be played with by someone else he has learned something new. New techniques, and the way I, in particular, react rather than just seeing the reaction of another submissive to those techniques.

  Part of it is also, I believe, an objectification fetish we share.  I am property to be disposed and treated as he wishes.   The act of handing me off is very powerful emotionally and symbolically for both of us.    As is the "reclaiming" afterward when he takes me back for aftercare. 

Sometime on Thursday morning we ran into WiDomher at some of our other friends' campsite.   They started to talk, then Master dumped out his nearly full water bottle as I watched with a massively confused look on my face.   He then handed me the bottle and told me he was out of water and wanted a refill.   Another second of utter confusion, then I figured that he wanted me out of the way for negotiations.   I took my time getting the water, but still got back too quickly, so I was sent off for another walk.   This time when I returned WiDomher grabbed me hard by the hair at the back of my head and pushed me roughly to the ground.  

Running through my head were two simultaneous thoughts: 
 "Oh fuck! What did I do? What is he going to do to me?" and "Man, that is hot!"

He held me down on the ground for a moment, then pulled me up by the same handle and pushed me over the picnic table.  A couple of spanks, then he turned me around, seated me on the bench, released my hair and made me spread my knees.    I did everything without question or resistance.   He raised one hand high and smacked my inner thigh hard enough to leave marks that are still there four days later.  Four days.  Now that is a hearty hand turkey.   I am not someone who can get a bruise from a few little pokes.  My Master smacked me on the other thigh to leave a mark there as well.   Master stuck his finger in my twat to see if it were wet.    

Then WiDomher asked if I still wanted to play with him.   I said "Sure"  with a cockiness that didn't feel.  


This is rapidly becoming TLDR (too long, don't read), so I'm breaking it off into chunks.  The next part will be coming soon. 


  1. Too long??? Not long enough??? Dying to know how it went...sounding promising :)


  2. Hi. I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying what I have read so far! My husband is also my Master. He hasn't given me to anyone else yet but says that's coming. The idea of it makes me very nervous but it sounds like His reasons are very much similar to your Masters.

    1. Being nervous is part of the fun. I hope you have a lot of good conversations about this and it brings satisfaction to all of you.


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