Thursday, August 8, 2013


Mystique and I have been exercising again this week.  My slacking off time is over, and her foot is mostly better, so back we go!   

We joined MyFitnessPal also, to keep track of that food and exercise.  

Monday we went for a walk down our road, almost 5 miles.   Then Tuesday I went to my yoga class, which is actually part yoga, part Tai Chi.  Ooof, I was out of practice and sore afterward.

Then yesterday we went out to a county park and walked again.  I was getting sore and tired on the way home, on the last big hill, and said something about hurting.   

Encouraging me, she said "It's just like taking a beating, you have to push through it".  I took a minute to stretch and kept on hiking- there is not really another choice by the time one is out in the middle of the woods.   It was a lovely day for a walk, and we had such fun planning for our upcoming activities- Saturday we are going with Master and with H (you remember H? Mystique's sub?)  to a Renn Faire.   Then next week we are off to Twisted Tryst!   



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