Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Pee Post

This morning Master gave me a rope harness, top and bottom, then whipped, caned and paddled me thoroughly before and after fucking me.   He also asked (forced, really) me to describe exactly what I wanted done to me.    He picked out the parts of my description that most interested him and did those things. 

I told him I wasn't that happy with telling him what I wanted done and then him doing it.  It makes me uncomfortable, it kinda ruins the mood, actually.   He said "Did you ever think that might be why I do it?" 


"Yes, I did think that, Master.  I still don't like it."

He smiled.

But by the time my ass was striped and bruised I had forgotten all about the "mood" and was lost in the pleasures and pains, which was his intention.  


He left the rope harness on while I made waffles.  It was covered by my robe, a comfortable and confining harness, a bit sexy too, the way it rubbed in just the right places.  

 It was almost 1:30.  I hadn't used the bathroom since we first woke up, before the rope went on, and I was getting desperate.    I had drunk three cups of coffee.  Perhaps desperate was an understatement, but I didn't think I could go pee without getting the rope messy, since it was pretty tight.

    I finally asked him if he would take the ropes off so I could use the bathroom, and he said he could.   He also asked me if I thought I would piss all over if he made me orgasm right then.  Getting nervous at THAT thought,  I said I probably would, especially if he put his fingers just "there" and "there".  

In our room, he took the ropes off and allowed me to dash for the bathroom.   He followed me inside, which is not unusual.   Just as I sat down and let loose he told me "Come!" and somehow I did, peeing, sitting on the toilet, orgasming all at the same time, for a really long time, humiliated beyond words. 

 Then he told me "You will be blogging this".   Oh God.  Yes, Master, I will. 


  1. Never before with others had we explored deeply potty play or golden showers. It started as part of my training to be able to have open doors (no privacy) that i am fine with fully...but i could n't pee while being watched....i could come on command but pee on command was a different every day i have to pee in the shower and Master helps me pee with his fingers as i orgasm and pee at the same time....we have come a long way....pee has it's place....and Master loves best marking me in the shower with His pee...OK not best (that would be with His belt and flogger)...but loves marking His scent on me none the less. It is a great part of our bond and openness.

    1. You know, a few years ago I would have thought this kind of thing was unbearably gross, but through experiencing it I do see the value, and the intimate connection it brings. The amount of trust on both sides that it takes to see someone in their "private" moment and still fully accept all of them, even as a sexual being then too, is one of those benefits.

      The other benefit is the lack of being able to deny any part of myself to him, it leaves me feeling open, surrendered, owned in every sense.


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