Friday, August 30, 2013

Yummy Delicious Frustrating...

I know others must get these orders also- the ones that are frustrating but delicious at the same time.  

Yesterday Master had me give him a blowjob, then afterward I asked to use the magic wand to get myself off.  He said yes, so as he was getting dressed to leave and do errands, I had already startedMmmmm, nice Hitachi!   

My eyes were shut, but I heard the creak of the floorboards as he came around the bed and I looked up just in time to see him stop in front of me.  He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back hard, slapped my face a few times and commanded me to "Come!"      Wow.   Isn't that just the best way to masturbate ever?  For me, anyway, it is.    I came several times more as he continued to slap me and tell me to come for him. 

Ok, I'm sidetracked totally.  That was not the order I was talking about.  Last night we hopped into bed, and I give him my usual questioning, flirty, horny look that asks "So... what do you want from me, anything, Master?"  At least that is what I think it says.   He may think it looks more like "Sex, now?"

He said "Go to sleep now, slave.  And no masturbating tomorrow.  I want you to be good and horny for Saturday."

Now I'm going to have to wonder all day what is up for Saturday!  I know better than to ask, since I would get a "You'll see" answer.

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