Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting ready for CAMP

Twisted Tryst is less than two weeks away now, and I'm getting mentally ready, at least by reading all the posts of what people are planning to do and want people to do with them and thinking "YES! I want to do that too!"   Kinky "farm animal" show?  Sure!   Watersports?  Oh yes!   Group masturbation time?  Absolutely.   Bachelor party?  Where do I sign up to be a stripper?   

Not to mention formal D/s dinner, lasagna dinner, morning yoga, plus all the classes, dungeon time, various people who want to play with me, time with Master...  I'm going into fun overload already and I haven't even started packing yet.   Someone needs to rein me in....


  1. Wow. It must be an action packed event.

    1. It is such a busy 3-4 days that they give you a guideline of 2/1/5 when you come for the first time. You should eat at least 2 meals, take 1 hour for "down time" alone, and sleep 5 hours a night. For myself, I know I need more like 7 hours of sleep, 3 meals and a couple hours of down time every day. But people have been known to drive themselves to collapse with too much fun times if they don't stick to the guidelines.

  2. You'll be like a kid in a candy store!



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