Friday, August 9, 2013

Mantras, and some other stuff

Do you use them?   Are they helpful?

  I have used several mantras, little sayings that I could keep running through my head whenever I needed them.  I used them to counteract other thoughts which were leading to unhappiness and frustration, which if left unchecked would inevitably lead to pouting/whining, which of course would then lead to negative consequences for me.

I still use them, but what exactly they are changes, and depends on what I need reminding of at the time.

Some of mine, in chronological order:

"Just obey."

"I am patience." 

"This is about his desires, not yours".

"You think you have way more influence around here than you actually do.  You are a peon."  This one came from my Master.

"Submit, submit". 

Interestingly, that last one came out of a book I was reading that had nothing to do with M/s.   It is The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness.   In that world everyone's thoughts are broadcast for everyone around them to hear, even the animals' thoughts (except, in a strange twist with many repercussions, for the women's thoughts, which are still private).   So a horse being ridden in one example is always thinking "Submit, submit".   This found it's way into my head and just stuck there. 


On the "down there" news: I'm not bleeding any more.  It was never more than a couple of little spots, but Master and Myst were very firm on my not having sex again until a suitable rest period has passed.    Since it really wasn't that sore anymore, I was kind of disappointed about that, but (see mantras above- all of them).   

So yesterday the three of us worked on packing for camp.  We set up the big new tent and made sure it all worked, then repacked it in the van.

We went over menu planning and snack making, as well as what events/classes/scenes we hoped to do.   Once we were inside Master told me I should be a lot more naked, so I took off everything except panties, which he allowed to stay on.

Master and I will be heading out for camp on Wednesday, a day earlier than we had planned, because he ended up getting an extra day off work that he had not expected.  

After Mystique went home, Master wanted to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and he had me bring him the whip and the crop.   He told me to get on the floor in front of him and proceeded to smack me with one or the other through most of the movie.   It was quite delightful, actually.  

I made dinner and we just had a pretty relaxed evening after that.  I stayed naked except for an apron while I was cooking.

At bedtime he expressed a wish that I wasn't "out of commission" so to speak and I reminded him (not that he needs reminding) that I still had two other holes.  So happily for both of us, he took advantage of both of those.


  1. I dont have mantras, but we do use a lot of rituals which he introduced from day one to get me grounded into the headspace he even when things are chaotic etc they are always done, so it gives me a sense of what i am.


    1. We don't have a lot of rituals, but I do like the ones we have.

  2. Bad Horse certainly wouldn't have given you a rest period. Thanks for the earworm, now I've got that song in my head.

  3. They don't call him the thoroughbred of sin for nothing!

    One parties at Tryst has a theme of Villains and Heroes, so guess who we are going as?

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I only have one mantra and truth is it doesn't help to make things better. I use it when I'm in a really bad place 'Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all!' Lol!


    1. LOL I guess that could be a mantra too, although probably not one that would help ME with submission.

    2. No..not gonna help with submission! lol! It doesn't help me either...sorry I got nothing! lol

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  6. I don't have any mantras. But I'm thinking they would help me. It's funny and cool how blogs make me think. 12 years and I never thought of this.


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