Sunday, August 25, 2013

Timing- I haz it!

I know, I know, gloating comes before the fall, but anyway...

This morning I got up early, had some coffee, played on the computer for a while, then when I heard Master stirring upstairs I waited a few more minutes before going up to see if he wanted me.

He said I was just in time because he was wanting to fuck me.  
He had me use the magic wand at the same time, and that thing makes it just about impossible to wait.  So the whole time I was telling myself "Wait, wait, wait" and thinking about kitchen appliances, or anything completely unsexy to try to distract myself away from cumming before he gave the command.  At the same time he was describing this scene of me and another woman, in a bathtub, masturbating each other while he pisses on us.  Oh fucking hell that is hot.  But I can't cum yet.  Not allowed.  Think of kitchen appliances.  Bonfires.  Burning sticks.  Oh, fire, oh shoot, I can't wait any longer.  He pulled on my nipples. Slapped them.  No, I really can't wait. 

 "Wait. wait. wait," I was chanting out loud to myself.

  He slapped my face.  

"You better be waiting until I tell you to come".

"Yes, Master."

"Wait. wait. wait". 

 And more slaps to my face and breasts and hips.   I could hardly stand it.   Orgasm waves were creeping up on me from my toes, but I beat them back down again.

Finally he gave me the command, and again, and again.  I squirted, and kept on cumming, I don't know how many times.   A whole bunch.   A truckload of orgasms, making all that waiting and building up to it explode into pleasure.   Then he turned me over and fucked me from behind to his orgasm.  We nestled up and went back to sleep.

Good timing in more ways than one today. 

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