Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am bleeding again today, and it is most definitely not that time of the month now.   This not having kids in the house thing (they are with the grandparents for a few weeks) has definitely increased our amount of fucking and I think the frequency and violence has just taken a toll on the insides down there.  It happens.  Not that I'm complaining.  I'd have to be a lot more sore than this before I'd start complaining.  :) :)

Last night when it was about time for Master to get home, I refreshed my lipstick, and took off everything except my underwear and an apron.   He was appreciative, although it didn't take five minutes before he asked why I was still wearing panties and made me take them off.   The apron was because I was cooking dinner.

I served him dinner, we relaxed for a while, then he had me fetch the riding crop from upstairs.   I also brought down the leather collar and chain leash, which he had me wear.

He hit me with the crop quite hard, over a long period of time, in various positions.  First on the couch next to him, with my flank exposed.  Then over his lap.  Then lying on my back so he could smack my cunt and thighs.  That was the hardest.   Then crouched in front of him on the floor, with my ass up in the air and my head on the floor. 

 There were times when I thought I couldn't take it any more, but simply running the thought through my head: "Submit, submit" took away some of the pain and allowed me to be still and take more.

I was making a lot noise, many shrieks and moans, until he told me to be completely silent.  I obeyed, at times biting my hand to hold back the noises, but the lack of being able to scream made the crop seem to hurt all the worse.  

I again ran a little mantra to myself,  "Submit, submit" and again the pain seemed farther away, I was able to relax and accept it. 

After what was probably several hours of beating interspersed with cuddling/resting, he was ready to take me to bed.

He had mentioned something about ass sex earlier, so I went up ahead of him and prepared with some lube and my fingers.  First one finger, then two fingers.  Not bad, not bad at all.
I knelt on the floor of the bedroom, waiting for him to come up, leash still dangling from my collar.

He strode in, looking pretty intimidating, and shoved my head right to his cock.  I looked up at him and sucked hard on it.  His hips rocked and he slammed it to the back of my throat.  

He ordered me to bed, and lay back with his magazine to look at some naked girl pics while I continued to suck him.  

Thank goodness he finally tossed the magazine to the side and let me climb on top.  He ordered me to use the magic wand, and I did, even though that part was STILL sore, especially when he insisted I bounce up and down on it/him.   I tried to wiggle off to the side- it was sooo intense, and painful, but he wouldn't let me.  He slapped me a few good ones on the face and made me come.   And come again, and again, I don't know how many times.... then, well, then there was a lot more fucking that I don't remember... there may have been some other positions as well... 

And then again this morning.  Twice.   

I'm feeling blissfully sore and hard used.  



  1. I hope the bleeding stops soon. hugs

  2. good blog, just creating one for me and my slave boy, hes starts month full time slave starting next month, we are together 4 years as master and slave.

    1. Thank you! I will check yours out also.


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