Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Caning and Hot Violent Sex Last Night

Master often seems to know when I could really use a beating.  Maybe it's a look in my eye, or maybe he judges by how long it has been since the last time I got thoroughly spanked.  Maybe it's just because he's headed off to work until Friday night and he won't get another chance at me until then.

Anyway, last night I was hopeful yet not too hopeful lest my expectations get out of control or my hopes become crushingly large.

I waited on the bedroom floor wearing wrist cuffs and collar, and my fluffy robe.  First I did my planking exercise, then a bit of stretching, then I knelt and waited.    He came in and patted me on the head, saying "Hi, slave".   I smiled up at him, "Hi Master!"

  He ordered me to strip and get into position.  

Master told me to stick my ass out more.   I did.  He tied my wrists tightly together and then my ankles more loosely and already the happy, excited feelings were flowing through me, tinged with a fear of his cane.   

He started out light, warmed me up, then gave me some hard smacks with the cane that made me wince and dance.   Master moved me to the bed and had me lie on my stomach, continuing to cane me and spank me with his hand until I could feel welts coming up when he slid his hand across my ass.

I shivered with the deliciousness of the pain and his stroking.

He had me turn over, spread my legs and he caned my pussy lightly.  Even going lightly it still hurt.  He began to tease and rub just the area around my cunt.  I strained my hips toward his hand.  He teased and gently stroked, telling me at any moment he was going to smack it really hard.   I moaned and shuddered and tried to press into his hand, but his touch remained feather light.   I had my eyes closed, but I felt him draw his hand back quickly as if for a strike.   None came.  Some more stroking.  Then another withdrawal of his hand and I was sure the blow was coming.

 It didn't.  I moaned again and shook with the anticipation. 

When the slap came it was hard.  "COME" he commanded, and the orgasm and pain together shook me to my toes.

He put my on my back again and pulled my legs up with the ankle straps.   A rain of hard stinging blows on the backs of my thighs nearly brought me tears, then he lowered my legs and slipped the ties off my ankles.   He entered me, making me come again as he plunged inside.   

Master slapped my face over and over, making me come even more, and making my jaw ache (it still is sore today, reminding me of last night, mmmm).  
He pulled out and knelt over my head, caning me again and using my mouth until I was coughing and gagging.    

When he fucked me from behind his cock was so deep inside it rubbed painfully, the bottoming out feeling.  

 I moaned in an ouchy way and he asked if it hurt.   I said "Yes, Master".  He pulled out and struck me hard on the ass with the cane many times. 

 "How's this?" he asked.

  It did make the other pain seem far less when he reentered me.  Obliterated it entirely actually.  Helpful man!

It was a wonderful night, thank you Master! 



  1. Hi I am a person from "vanilla world". I got introduced to BDSM via literature recently (not fifty shades of grey). AT first I thought that was just fiction and only found in books. But I came across your blog and many others via this blog. This is really an eyeopener to me that these many people follow the lifestyle.
    I have a few questions: I know you have kids. So when you show up with bruised lips/face etc in the morning don't they ask you what happened? How do you answer those questions?
    What will they think if they saw your Master beating you up as they don't understand whats going on?
    I am not really critiquing your lifestyle or ridiculing it. I am just curious to know these answers.
    Also now you are young (relatively) but when you grow old (say 70years) body will not be able to recover from the activities you engage in. How do you plan to cope at that time?
    Thank you for the answers.

    1. I don't show up with bruises in the morning. He doesn't hit me that hard on the face, and I don't bruise easily anyway. If I did bruise easily he'd be more careful of any areas they might see.

      Also, we have a lock on the bedroom door, so they are not going to walk in. We are careful to be quiet and also to wait until they are out of the house or asleep before doing anything loud. All they see is that we love each other, we are devoted to each other, and I get his tea and bring him his plate of food.
      As far as when we get older, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm sure there will be concessions to age in terms of what we physically can do, just like with any relationship. The mental aspect of M/s will last though.


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