Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Party

Our local munch group had its Christmas party last night. 

Before the party, I was getting dressed and Master was helping (I did ask for help picking something).  He handed me an outfit and told me to put it on.  

I said "I just have to get a bra..." and he sternly replied "Did I hand you a bra?"   

Ok, no bra I guess.

I asked if I could wear long johns under my skirt, but that was a no go also, even with temperatures predicted to be below 0 that night.  Instead I wore stockings and garters, which I admit are a lot sexier when having to disrobe for the spankings!

  There was a kinky gift exchange, and some spankings for various people.  It was just all kinds of food and fun.  There was even pie cake. 

Quote of the night came from Master, when he said to me "Go get the (inflatable) goat and the penis glasses".  It was all downhill from there.  

Master gave me some pretty hearty paddlings, and we did some stuff with other people, which I won't go into, but it was really fun, and I'll just say that today started with a whole lot of soreness and a little bit of sub drop.   We talked and cuddled extensively. 

The kids were gone to stay with friends all night and much of the day, so in the morning I made an egg bake casserole for Master and me, then we had sex, then we rested, then we had sex again and I got my ass fucked.   It was a pretty nice day here, sitting/lounging/sexing by the fire!   

Also, I have rug burn on my face.  


  1. I don't imagine the long johns to be quite as attractive! Lol. Love the last line. It made me giggle!


  2. Oh that sounds like a fabulous party!!!
    Sounds like an amazing day after too!!!



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