Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Accidental Toys

For last Saturday's kinky gift exchange I had planned ahead and bought a couple of little toys online the week before.  I figured just over a week would give them plenty of time to arrive.  But no.  

The package actually came on Saturday after we had left for the party, and was waiting on the porch for us when we got home.  Before the party we had to stop our local porn shop for some other gifts to take. 

 We ended up with two adorable teddy bears dressed in fetish wear, one boy bear with ass less chaps and one girl bear with a little lace hat and some chains.   They were pretty cute, and ended up being popular items to be "stolen" during the gift exchanges.  

It was one of those games where everyone gets a number, and they can choose whether to open a new gift or steal one from someone that already has one, until the end when everyone ends up with a gift, but probably not the one they started out with.   That is how I ended up with an inflatable goat.   Nobody wanted to steal my inflatable goat either, darn it.    Master got a bottle of Hot Sex booze (tasty!) and joke glasses with a rubber penis for a nose (gaaaaak!).  

I asked Master what I should do with the gifts that came too late, and he said to return them.  Well, when I looked up the return policy, anything that was designed to come in contact with any bodily fluid can't be returned.  From a fetish toy supplier- doesn't that include everything they sell?   Anyway, it looks like we were stuck with them.   Not that I'm complaining too much (new toys!), but Master was not happy.   

Edited to add:  I almost forgot the funniest part of living in a small town as a kinky person!   At our local porn shop we ran into not one,  but two of our friends who were headed to the same party we were, also buying gifts last minute.  And the cashier said there had been quite a rush of us perverts shopping that day.   

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