Monday, January 20, 2014

Tongue Biting

A few days ago I talked to my mom on the phone.  She's concerned about her sister, my aunt, who wants to have a risky and not very frequently successful surgery to combat her chronic pain.   

My mom thinks her sister is just being a wimp about the pain, and would be better off learning alternative methods of dealing with it than this surgery.

So then we ramble off into the territory of pain management through mental processing.   My mom thinks (though she says it in nicer words) that I'm a giant wimp when it comes to pain.  That may be true, for some things.   For my part, I keep trying to get her interested in joining me in yoga and tai chi for strength and flexibility.   She says she doesn't have time for that.   She is not your average grandma.   She and my dad run a farm, and without most sorts of machinery, so she works dang hard and nearly constantly.   She has the constant aches that accompany hard work and being older. 

Anyway, this is the long way to explain how I was biting my tongue over explaining my "research" into acute rather than chronic pain management, my experiences with subspace, and the colors that go with different pain levels and how that helps my mind adjust and accept more.    

I think that these are two different sorts of pains, but I'm wondering if the same sort of mental imagery would work for both. 


  1. Well I can tell you from personal experience that pain I want is very different - VERY - different from pain that my body inflicts on me (in one form or another) The last time I was in hospital in terrible pain I kept trying to tell myself that I was a bloody masochist so suck it up - get on top of it - make it work. Lot of poppy cock !! I was just this body of bad pain and I wanted it to stop and screaming RED didn't make it stop...... no thanks I'll take the consensual pain over non-consensual pain any old day :)

  2. After I got injured yesterday I tried this out. Ha! It lasted for less than a minute and then the pain was back the same. So, there is my test result of n=1.


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